Never Buy Dryer Sheets Again

Never Buy Dryer Sheets Again

Super simple Dryer Sheet Alternative!

Never Buy Dryer Sheets Again


  • A container with an airtight lid a food storage bowl with a screw on lid
  • 4-6 sponges use small, thin, cheap ones
  • 2 cups fabric softener any brand/’flavor’
  • 4-5 cups water


  1. Gently stir fabric softener and water together in container.
  2. Add sponges and put on lid to leave soak

To Use:

  1. Squeeze out 1 sponge and put it in the dryer with your load of wet clothes.
  2. When clothes are dry, put the sponge back into the container of mix.
  3. Use EXACTLY the same as using the expensive dryer sheets that get thrown away. Refill container as needed ..but that won’t be very often at all, but maybe twice a year or less!!!