How To Regrow Green Onions

How To Regrow Green Onions

I read how to do this and was skeptical. So I wanted to try it myself. It worked.

But for only so long. I am a frugal person and I love to save money. So every penny counts.

Some tips to growing them in a glass of water: Place them in direct sunlight and a warm spot. Place them in a clear glass that is large enough for the roots to have room to grow. Keep the glass full of water.

They will only last so long so throw them out when they start trapping mold.

Plants need more than sunshine and water.

My next step was to plant them in a pot with planting soil and place them in a window seal. So happy now with my onions.

Follow the easy instructions on this video. You can grow green onions indoors anytime! This way you can continually harvest you own green onions whenever you want. This is an inexpensive way to start an indoor garden.