Grated Frozen Lemon Explosion

Think about it. If you take a lemon and squeeze it, you get the juice, some pulp, and some flavoring, for sure. But what happens when you freeze that lemon and grate it into fine little crystals? You get an explosion of lemon flavor! The thing is, that explosion of flavor does not dominate any food on the plate.

In other words, when I sprinkle these shredded little pieces of lemony goodness onto potatoes and corn or beans, for instance, it doesn’t take anything away from the butter or salt and pepper flavoring, it just adds a little explosion of that wonderful lemon bit.

You can store the grated frozen lemon in the freezer for a few days up to a few weeks, no problem, just like any other frozen fruit or veggie, and just break it up with a fork so that it can be sprinkled lightly over almost any food: from salads, soup, noodles, and potatoes; to fish and rice dishes; even for desserts such as ice cream and cakes.



The Benefits Of Grated Lemon Explosion

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