Best Way To Color Your Hair

Best Way To Color Your Hair


Here’s a little “Hair-Hack” I can share with all my friends who color their own hair at home.

****First, Put your phone in a clear plastic bag, you will need your phone for timing.

**** I use “L’Oreal Excellence” so this procedure I am going to share with you is for hair color in which you receive the CONDITIONER in a separate Tube. My hair color box contains, Bottle of Developer, Tube of Color, Tube of Conditioner.

I have only used L’Oreal Excellence in the 30years I have been coloring my hair. I like to keep using the same brand, because I am not sure how my hair would react to different kinds.

****Second, Put half the Tube of Conditioner into the developer and then add the Tube of Color

**** Shake very well.

****Third, apply the mixture to your hair as directed on the box

****Everything is the same from this point on.

Here’s what happens when you add the Conditioner right into the Developer and Color itself. The Developer opens up the “Scales” of the hair shaft and deposits the color, during the “waiting-time” the scales close to seal the color in, and when you rinse it out, it further helps to close and seal the color. By putting the Conditioner right in the Developer and Color, the conditioner also goes into the hair shaft leaving you with much softer and silkier hair. Try this procedure……it really does work!!!