8 Uses For Rice Around The House

8 Uses For Rice Around The House

 1. Put it to work doing dishes. You can use rice to get at those hard-to-reach bottoms of narrow-necked vessels, like milk bottles and flower vases. Simply add rice, soap, water, and then shake-shake-swirl. The rice becomes your scouring pad! 

2. Get your coffee grinder squeaky clean. This is very useful if you’re using a single grinder for both your java and your seeds/spices. Wipe the grinder clear of debris and add enough rice to cover the blades. Then, grind-grind-grind, and the rice will absorb all the lingering oils that carry the coffee aroma.

3. Add it to all your salt shakers. Especially in summer and especially in southern climates, humidity can cause your salt to clump and clog up the little shaker holes. A pinch of rice thrown into the mix will suck up moisture, leaving you to sprinkle unencumbered. 

 4. Use rice water as a facial serum. You can either reserve the water from rinsing your cooking brown rice, or you can make an extra-strong solution by bringing 1/2 cup of brown rice to a boil in 2 cups of water. Remove the rice and allow the liquid to cool. Use a wash cloth to rub the liquid into your face, then rinse clean. Rice is high in vitamin E and is reputed to soften the skin. 

5. Make an easy heating pad. Fill an old sock with a couple cups of rice, and then tie up the end. Pop it in the microwave for a few minutes.

6. Make your kid a pair of maracas. Fill two small plastic tubs or Tupperware containers roughly half full of rice.  You can paint them pretty colors as well.

7. Use rice to dry out electronic devices. If you drop your cell phone in water, try burying it in a bowl of rice. You’d be surprised how much moisture it can extract.

8. Make DIY glue! Make your own glue by simply boiling down white rice until it degrades and releases the starch.