15 Unusual Uses For Nail Polish

15 Unusual Uses For Nail Polish

1.Smudge Proof Labels

Apply a light coat of nail polish over any label and it is instantly waterproofed!


2. Seal an Envelope


3. Threading a Needle

A quick fix for fighting with a needle and thread is dipping the end of your thread in a small amount of nail polish for easier entry.


4. Prevent Jewelry from Tarnishing

Paint a clear coat on the inside of costume jewelry to prevent tarnishing.


5. Keep Shoe Laces and Rope from Unraveling


6. Tighten Loose Screws

Coat your screws in nail polish.  After setting the screws let the polish dry.  This should give you added durability.


7. Color Code Objects 


8. Mark Levels on Things


9. Stops Runs In Stockings By Dabbing Polish At Both Ends.


10. Waterproof Matches

Put clear nail polish on the tips of matches to protect them from rain when you head outdoors.


11. Smooth Splintered Furniture


12. Add a Little Glitter

Add a little glitter to any top coat for an added glam. You can also try adding glitter to a base coat for dimension and texture to your nails.


13. Paint the Sole of Your High-Heels

An easy (and cheap!) way to model your shoes and give them a fresh new look.


14. Cover Up Your Scuffs on Shoes and Boots


15. Mark Your Thermostat and Shower Settings