11 Neat Uses For Cooking Spray – They May Just Surprise You

11 Uses For Cooking Spray1. Remove Bugs From Your Car – Just spray and wipe.

2. To keep grass clippings from sticking, spray the mower’s blades and undercarriage with cooking spray before you begin cutting the grass.

3. Spray on bicycle chains to prevent sticking.

4. Spray on hands to remove paint or grease.

5. For a sticky door lock just spray cooking spray on the key and insert the key then slide it in and out a few times.

6. Spray exterior door locks to prevent them from freezing.

7. Spray door hinge with nonstick cooking spray to keep them from squeaking. Use a paper towel to wipe up the excess drips.

8. Dissolve soap scum on a glass shower door by spraying a light coat of cooking spray. Wait a few minutes then use soap and water to wash off.

9. Spray your cheese grater with nonstick cooking spray for smoother grating.

10. Coat your rolling pin or cookie cutters to prevent dough from sticking.

11. To prevent tomato stains in your Tupperware coat with cooking spray first.