10 “Other” Uses for Your Pillowcases

Pillowcases are not just for covering your pillows. So don’t throw away those old pillowslips. They have many amazing uses:

Dust ceiling fan blades: Place an old pillowcase over one of the ceiling fan blades and slowly pull it back off again. The blades get dusted and the dust bunnies stay in the pillowcase instead of falling all over your floor.

In the washing machine, use a pillowcase tied with a knot to protect delicate clothing.

Use for wrapping paper: If you’ve ever had to wrap an odd-shaped gift, you know ordinary wrapping paper tends to rip, tear, and generally look awful. All you have to do is place the gift in a pillowcase and tie it closed with a ribbon.

Store folded sheet sets inside a pillowcase to keep them neat and organized.

When traveling, pack a pillowcase to separate clean clothes from dirty ones.

Protect hanging clothes: Protect a garment you know you won’t be wearing for a while by covering it with an old pillowcase. Just cut a hole in the top and slip it over the hanger and clothing.

Turn it into a child’s dress. Do you have a super-sweet pattern on your pillowcase that would make the most darling dress for a young child? Check out these instructions from Sew Like My Mom and transform that adorable pillowcase into a tiny fashion statement.

Rags This one is great and easy!  Just cut up the pillowcases in different sized rags and use them for all kinds of cleaning. Of course, make sure you don’t already have too many rags!

Pack Fragile Objects When you have to pack away something fragile, don’t go out and buy expensive bubble wrap.  Just wrap the fragile Christmas or seasonal decorations or plates with your spare pillowcases.

Make a Hot Pack You can cut your pillowcase into three sections the long way and sew into 3 tubes. Sew one end up on each tube and fill it with long grained rice and then sew the opening shut. Now you have hot packs that can be heated up in the microwave and used to soothe neck and back pains. Instructions: Homemade Heat Pad in Minutes

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Pillowcases are not just for covering your pillows. So don't throw away those old pillowslips. They have many amazing uses: